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CEPEN - Centro de Pesquisas 
"Science is to be aware.
It´s not enough to do researches, it is necessary to disseminate the knowledge
to make it become useful"
                                                                                            - Marcelo De Negri Xavier -
CEPEN (Eco-natural Research Center)
presents in these pages a little bit of the work it develops. Take part in it and join us.
Your knowledge and support are very important.
The Mission
Promoting and/or supporting researches to know the dinamic of natural environment,
in which  campaigns of preservation will be based.
Doing researches on native species from Neotropical America, developing and improving techniques of animal production in controlled environment and extrativist handling in natural environment.
Stimulating turistic activities like photographic safaris, arborism (tree climbing), fishing, nautic
and others that in its action, promote the environmental protection.


CEPEN understands that the comfort of the Human Being
depends on the balance that surrounds it.
It believes that the evolution of the knowledge is the shortest way to preserve the biodiversity,
wich is the source that maintains life.
The search of knowledge and its promotion is the essence of CEPEN.
On this process, dedicated research workers and conscious collaborators, are joined to discuss these important environmental questions.
CEPEN elaborates, suggests or approves projects of researches that it judges being of fundamental importance and great relation cost-benefit for the environment.
It selects and keeps in its staff, capable research workers with high moral and ethic principles.
It establishes partnership with companies, entities and groups that have similar objectives.
It promotes campaigns of conservationist action and makes the results public.
Cepen is a particular company that besides doing services
in the development of knowledge,
impel itself on calling attention of the productive section of economy
and people in general,
to important ambiental questions that it approaches on.

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Postal addrress
CEPEN - Centro de Pesquisas Eco-naturais LTDA
R. Alexandre da Motta, 885    Carazinho-RS    Brasil    CEP 99500-000